Vino Veritas

This is the Cooperative winery at the little town of Ventenac. Wine from the century old casks costs about $1.30 per liter.

In Vino Veritas is Latin for “in wine [there is] truth”. The Greeks had a similar phrase; the Gallic and Germanic tribes always held council while drinking wine because they believed that if one was drinking wine they could not tell a lie. The ancient Babylonians phrased it as “in comes wine, out comes a secret”.

There is no secret to wine, yet it is mysterious. Its complexity and variety can make understanding wine overwhelming. But the mystery of wine can be unraveled, and once understood, there is a wide world of wine to be tasted.

The selection from a class on Australian wines.

Savvy Nomad Tasting & Tours led the adventurous into the sensory world of wine.

This is the achingly beautiful Canal de la Robine.

Each summer, between 2013 and 2016 we led canal boat excursions through French wine country. Riding along on a canal boat, at a walking pace, on your own watery road, through the many canals that lace through France is nothing but pure joy. This is a relaxing vacation that you’ll never forget as you are enthralled by French villages, castles and vineyards and of course, local wines.

We are now onto new adventures and our foray into French canal culture is temporarily suspended. Possibly in the future we will return to leading trips to France but currently we are not offering this service.

We still do have many other resources here for you to enjoy such as a wine temperature serving chart, our custom wine tasting chart and a blog of our adventures with wine.  Thank you for stopping by. Cheers!