Posted by on September 22, 2009

His motto: “Don’t forget to take a risk today!” I’m not sure how to describe Hubert Kriegel. He is to me- simply amazing. In everyway he is the epitome of a Savvy Nomad.

Hubert (he says read as U-bear) has been on a quest to ride around the world on a motorcycle and is on his 5th year. The fact that he has a sidecar just makes it all the more interesting to me. But besides that he has the wonderful capacity to befriend, it seems, everyone he meets. Look at his blog; his adventures are stunning. Just click on a photo essay and travel with him for a bit. Take yourself away from whatever bothers you and go with Hubert. When you come back think about it. Think about how you can take a risk today, how you can change your life to be more open and full of adventure.

I applaud Hubert for is plucky style, his unabashed openness, and his willingness to share his adventure with the world. I know it’s a lot of work to take pictures, video and write blog updates while traveling – it is easier to keep it all to yourself – but Hubert works hard to show us this wonderful planet and it’s intriguing cultures. Thank you Hubert!

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