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Posted by on January 17, 2011

Our friends Kris and Carolyn have really done it now. They’ve invited us to visit for Dave’s birthday for three years in a row. This is really developing into a tradition. They can hardly not invite us next year. Heh heh heh (evil laugh).


Image from amarens.nl

Since it is the four of us who are going to France next fall, and since they have not been able to make it up north for wine tasting, we brought wine class (and birthday cupcakes) to them. (I did a cupcake image search for ideas and was totally blown away by all the cupcake art. Mine were cute but nothing like some the masterpieces you see on line.)

Dave and I (well, mostly Dave) organized our own wine tasting and education presentation. We decided to do a tasting that would encompass the 7 noble grape varieties plus two Chardonnay’s from different regions to illustrate the difference that terroir can make. Kris and Carolyn invited all their friends and planned the rest of the party.

We tried some of the wines we had previously enjoyed. The whites were no problem but since we had had such bad reds in the Noble Red’s lesson, we tried different ones for this party. I was dubious but for the first time I actaully enjoyed these red wines.

My mom had given us some cinnamon spice muffins to take with us and we paired them with the 2008 Domaine Tour Boisee Syrah ($14.99). It was a delicious taste explosion. I couldn’t believe how the cinnamon and the syrah complemented each other. Each made the other taste better.

Middle Sister ~ Forever Cool Merlot ($8.88) smelled a bit of cherry and tasted excellent with a bite of chocolate.

I was quite worried when the Cab came up but I shouldn’t have been. We had a 2009 Casillero del Diablo ($9.99). I could really smell the effects of oaking: vanilla and sweet coconut came up for me.  Drinking this wine with a strong cheese to compliment it was the way to go. The cheese made the wine much smoother and the wine made the cheese much more interesting.

Visiting friends, meeting new friends, wine tasting, playing ping-pong, sitting by the fire, shopping at Fleet Farm and Trader Joes (Duluth doesn’t have one) and just hanging around chatting and laughing makes us look forward to our annual trip south next year.

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