Posted by on June 6, 2011

The word adventure means different things to different people but the most common form is travel. I used to travel a lot. Every year, literally from the time of my birth, I would go some place (often far, like another continent ) away from my home. As I became an adult I sought out adventure in where I chose to work or how I worked.

But over the last few years I’ve been working more than adventuring. Work builds family and possessions but adventures build character and feed the soul. Now don’t get me wrong, going on adventure isn’t like going on vacation. You can have a vacation while on adventure but you can’t have and adventure while on vacation. Why? Because adventures are hard and often they aren’t pleasurable all the time, but they always make memories.

Tomorrow I’m off on adventure. I’m taking my Ural motorcycle and driving to Denver for my 20 year High School graduation and then I’m going to pop over into the mountains to visit my brother for a few days. I expect it to be a 12 day trip and I’m going to travel about 2600 miles.

I’ve never driven a motorcycle further than 50 miles. I have no idea what to expect, how my body will react, far I can make it in one day or even my route. But that’s the nature of adventures, you have to step out into something a bit scary and uncertain.

I’m loaded up with cameras – video camera, cell phone and a GoPro camera. With these I hope to make a short video and to share some of what I see along the way.

Tomorrow I’m going south and west, then west some more. I’m headed out into the open spaces, I’m headed out on an adventure.

3 Responses to Adventure

  1. Lisa Secan

    Jeez, dude – you haven’t ridden more than 50 miles before??? This will definitely be an adventure! Please, please be safe and have blast, too!
    Love you,
    Aunt Lisa

  2. Jenifer Delson

    We are so excited for you! Have a great time! Love, Jen and Bud