Doors of France Part I

Posted by on November 18, 2011

While on our trip to France my friend and co-traveler, Carolyn Karsell, thought it would be fun to take pictures of all the different doors we encountered. Here we present the Doors of France Part I.

We'll start out with these massive doors in Paris. Without a doubt they open into a courtyard.

Most doors to courtyards are like this one - utilitarian. No need to show off like some Parisians

The homes in the southern villages don't have courtyards - here the front door and the garage door are side by side.

Not everyone has space for a garge, but your door should still represent your personality. The medalion above the door is a nice touch.

Do you think a mason or an engineer lives here? Did you notice the compass and square above the door in the masonry?

I love how the ivy is around this entrance.

These doors are equal in size and identical, with beautiful metal scroll work. Classic French doors.

Even a weathered door has a sense of style. Just because it's old doesn't mean it isn't pretty.

Often in the South of France the color of choice is anything pastel. Lavender is a particular favorite. The attention paid to color and its use in specific areas, such as a door, make the villages and towns unique and beautiful. Generic is ugly. Take note home associations! Colors make people happy!

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  1. Sally Herstad

    Way to go Catharine!! Enjoyed everyone of your door photos – a unique remembrance of your trip. Be safe, have fun – I know you will. Sally