Doors of France Part II

Posted by on November 29, 2011

We continue the Doors of France series with Part II. Part I got some great suggestions such as signs and windows of France. These are great ideas but I don’t have any pictures of signs or windows. I guess another trip to France is required… The creative credit for this series goes to Carolyn Karsell. It was her idea and her effort that makes this possible. Thanks Carolyn!

I think this was a door to a business or maybe a goverment office.

This door, or gate, leads directly upstairs. Don't you wonder where?

These impressive doors opened onto a rather bland street. "Yards" as Americans know them are not common in the old parts of French villages and cities.

I like the symmetry of this pastel door.

Imagine coming home to this as your garage door. I'd like to own a villa.

This door looks positively medieval. Maybe it is.

This doorway used to be covered in vines. The owner removed the vines and added flower boxes with purple flowers that compliment the pastel of the door.

I like how they fixed the sagging of this screen door by adding a wedge to the top of the door.

This door in a small village in the south of France is perfect. The crisp white contrast perfectly with the beautifully painted deep blue shutters.

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