Doors of France Part III

Posted by on December 6, 2011

This is the last Part of the Doors of France series. If you’ve enjoyed this series “Like” Savvy Nomad to add us to your Facebook Newsfeed.

I like this picture. The house is visible but what your eye is drawn to is the bright spot of countryside. Pictures like this scratch our curiosity.

Does a sailor live here?

I think this was a side door to a Cathedral.

These doors were on a vacation home in the little town of Puicheric.

I like the stories my mind attaches to shabby doors.

The stone work around these doors is impressive.

Most of the exterior doors in France are very large.

But in the older villages, where medieval architecture still dominate, you can find all kinds of door sizes.

Thanks for joining us on a trip through the Doors of France!

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