Leather Notebook = iPhone Conceal & Carry

Posted by on January 5, 2012

On the second day of owning an iPhone - it was dropped out of a pocket onto the sidewalk. That was a bad afternoon.

I love books. I like looking at them, reading them, holding them, smelling them, making them and seeing stacks and stacks of them in our warehouse. I like old books, new books, comic and notebooks. But I haven’t been so sure about ebooks; I always thought that ebooks wouldn’t appeal to me unless they felt like a book. I wanted to open them and turn the pages and have that sensory experience of reading.

When Sara and I bought iPhones last year I began a quest to find the perfect case.  I’m always amazed that people rave about how beautiful their phone is—elegant is the word often thrown around Apple products—and yet they wrap them in plastic cases and bumpers, in effect turning elegant into serviceable but dumpy.  I certainly didn’t want that.  I wanted cool and sophisticated.  I wanted leather.

After an exhaustive search I found Pad & Quill.  Almost in my backyard. And their phone case made my breakable glass gadget look like a book! In the turmoil of learning a new phone and even dropping it – The Little Black Book showed up.  Tears and discouragement gave way to security and happiness.  Our iPhones had found their cases.

In the year since, our Pad & Quill cases have gotten more attention than our phones.  One of my friends even asked if the case comes with the phone.  You’d think that Apple, the elegant company, would include the elegance of a Pad & Quill case with their products.  I now want an iPad so I can get a Pad & Quill case for it.  Pad & Quill are making e-readers and other devices look and feel like books…. and I love books.

Based in Minneapolis Minnesota, Pad & Quill makes hand made leather wrapped cases for the iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Macbook, Kindle and Nook right here in the USA.

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