Adventure Bound

Posted by on February 10, 2012

Palmer Station Antarctica – Sara and I lived here between 1998 and 1999.

About ten years ago, on the Travel Channel, there was a show called Adventure Bound with Alby Mangels.  Alby is the original Australian wild man.  He always seemed to be doing crazy things on land and sea.  His program was pure vicarious travel – and I loved it.

Tomorrow Sara and I are off on our own little adventure. We are off to spend two months in a VW Camper van crossing the country from North to South in search of some warmer temperatures and in search of an illusive dream – a sailboat.

I’ll try and blog along the way and be your surrogate Alby Mangels.  To kick things off here is a collection of travel photos of previous trips we’ve taken. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

We also lived at McMurdo – the more populus, but less picturesque, Antarctic station.

We travel using all forms of transportation.

Camping in New Mexico on 12/24/08

Petra with the old van in 2002

Riding my Ural motorcycle across the Great Plains in June 2011

Boating along the Canals of France in 2011.

Endeavor Cove on the Queen Charolette walkway New Zealand.

Or by foot – here we are on ice. Ready for anything….

We like to travel to ancient places.

The ruined Greek city of Priene in Turkey

Sara with the Budda in Thailand.

We like to visit cultural sites.

The SV Bounty in front of the Sydney Opera House.

The Ensenada Hotel in Southern Chile.

We enjoy spending time in nature.

The coconut path to the beach on Koh Phangan Thailand

Sara atop an old volcano in New Zealand

We are off on a new adventure. Maybe we’ll see you along the way?

Yesterday I was packing the new van.

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  1. Marianne

    I am so living through you. This is so AWESOME to see! Go do it and thanks for sharing with us.