Grand Isle Louisiana

Posted by on March 19, 2012

As we left Texas, I looked at the map of Louisiana and saw a State Park. It was on a tiny island that extended far out into the Gulf of Mexico. The road, Hwy 1, ended or maybe started there. Either way it seemed like a remote spot, out in the middle of the swamp, and I wanted to go there. Here are a dozen images from the trip to Grand Isle.

In Louisiana we crossed some amazing bridges.

As we turned onto Hwy 1 we started to follow a canal/river to the sea and we started to see working boats.

The shrimp boats offered their catch for sale right along the road.

As we traveled further we saw more boats and less land.

The road even seemed to give way, with water on either side for mile upon mile. Don't drive off the road, you'll end up in da Gulf.

Off in the distance we could see oil fields, fishing fleets and commercial boat building operations.

Then, looming up out of the marsh/sea, was an elevated highway.

The highway was above the water and we rode along the top.

Little towns became distant and the marsh extended in all directions as far a we could see.

It was slightly nerve-wracking to be out above the water. Not a place to break down, or run out of gas. Which, thankfully, we didn't.

The view of the watery world from our elevated platform was stunning and surreal.

We arrived onto solid ground just as the moon was rising. Grand Isle is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico where it is as beautiful as it is remote.

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