David teaches a mini wine class on local TV

Posted by on November 27, 2012

On Halloween David was featured on our local ABC affiliate’s morning show, Good Morning Northland. The day of the show was also the day that the East Coast experienced such a terrible storm and flooding. This is relevant to the video because the servers where WDIO stores their video were knocked out by the storm and this video wasn’t release until 1-2 weeks later. With our ever shrinking world we are all connected – whether by weather or technology. At any rate, here’s the video:


2 Responses to David teaches a mini wine class on local TV

  1. Noah

    This was informational. I really liked Mr. David’s ability to break down each part of the tasting experience. I would love to attend one of your classes some time. Merci!

  2. Sara Duke

    We’ll get you all “learned up” while we are in Tucson. See you soon!