Unravelled: Carrick Wines Pinot Noir

Posted by on November 25, 2012
Carrick Wines. Pinot Noir - Unravelled

Carrick Winery Pinot Noir – Unravelled

Continuing on with wines for Thanksgiving. (Ok I know Thaknsgiving is over but don’t we all have a bunch of leftovers still?)

Just tried this Pinot last night. It was introduced to us in our monthly tasting kit subscription, Taste Explorer Wine Club, by Tasting Room and we knew right away it was one of our top picks.

Really interesting. High acid, low tannin, dark fruit flavors, esp. cherry, noticeable oak but not overwhelming. High alcohol but didn’t really burn going down. Quick finish which made your mouth water. None of that green banana finish you get from overly tannic wines. This wine is nicely balanced and paired well with all Thanksgiving foods – even cranberries!

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