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Sulfites in Wine – Myth, Truth and Opinion.

I’ve heard all these: “I can’t drink red wine because the sulfites give me a headache.  White is ok though.” “I can only drink good quality red wines because the sulfites give me a headache.” “The red wines last night gave me a headache, tonight I’ll have a gin instead.” “I’m allergic to sulfites.” “I … Continue reading »

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Generator Generation

Dear Reader, Does it seem strange that while camping in a National Park you should spend your entire day inside your RV? Does it seem strange to run your generator all day so that you can watch TV? How about at night so you can power your flat screen TV? How about in the morning … Continue reading »

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Adventure Bound

About ten years ago, on the Travel Channel, there was a show called Adventure Bound with Alby Mangels.  Alby is the original Australian wild man.  He always seemed to be doing crazy things on land and sea.  His program was pure vicarious travel – and I loved it. Tomorrow Sara and I are off on … Continue reading »

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Leather Notebook = iPhone Conceal & Carry

I love books. I like looking at them, reading them, holding them, smelling them, making them and seeing stacks and stacks of them in our warehouse. I like old books, new books, comic and notebooks. But I haven’t been so sure about ebooks; I always thought that ebooks wouldn’t appeal to me unless they felt like a … Continue reading »

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New Year Laws and Party Ice Breakers

Are you going to a New Year’s Eve Party this year? Are you worried about the uncomfortable silence that might surround you when faced with a gaggle of unfamiliar party goers? Never fear – I subscribe to The Economist and despite it’s academic sounding title it’s always chock a block full of trivia. More importantly, trivia you … Continue reading »

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Gourmet Dinner ~ Budget Pricing

With all the talk of the “economic downturn”  I know people are looking for ways to still enjoy life and feel a bit extravagant – without breaking the bank. One of the best ways I know of is to dine in. While we were in Tucson visiting family we lavished luxury on ourselves with a … Continue reading »

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